In search of Bialik, the Ashkenazi father

By Yitzhak Laor       HAARETZ

The film “I am Bialik” is a combination of two genres: docu-fantasy and mockumentary. The director, who is also the film’s protagonist, Aviv Talmor, sets out to discover why his father denied his fatherhood throughout his life, up until his dying day. Along the way, Talmor meets with lawyers, the employees of a DNA lab, his mother, and a nephew of the disavowing father. At the nephew’s, he finds a painting by the Jerusalem-based painter Ira Jan, Bialik’s real-life lover. It turns out Bialik was not childless, as we thought, and that Jan gave birth to his heir, and named him after Bialik’s father, Yitzhak Yosef, who thus could have been, or indeed was, none other than Aviv Talmor’s great-grandfather. 

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זכה באור מן ההפקר

סרטו של אביב טלמור משתעשע בטשטוש גבולות בין קולנוע עלילתי לתיעודי כדי להציג את סיפורו של משורר המגלה כי הוא נינו של ביאליק וכדי לקשור בין זהות פרטית ללאומית. ​מאת: אורי קליין

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