I am Bialik -  Synopsis

The following story of Aviv Talmor, a frustrated poet and literature teacher from Tel Aviv, is true…mostly.
Aviv is informed that his father whom he had never known, has died, bequeathing him one Israeli lira (less than one penny). Aviv embarks upon a legal battle over his inheritance as part of his brave and painful search for a much desired father figure. He unexpectedly discovers evidence that his grandfather was the illegitimate son of the first Israeli painter Ira Yan and Israeli national poet Haim Nahman Bialik, his spiritual father. As he begins to publish these news, Israel’s literary community is shocked by his claims which threaten to impact the national poet's reputation.

In a series of obsessive and dangerous efforts to prove his bloodline to Bialik, Aviv loses all grasp of reality.
Did Bialik really have a son? Is Aviv really Bialik's great grandson?
Will this discovery change our perception of Bialik forever?